Project Information Release

Sidewalk Maintenance Program 

The City of Mascotte initiated a sidewalk maintenance pilot program in August 2022 to maintain safe, ADA-compliant sidewalks for residents and visitors. The contractor was instructed to make all repairable changes in level measuring ¼” to 2” in height using a 1:12 slope to meet ADA requirements. The program allows the City to minimize liability and improve the safety and aesthetics of its sidewalks, while saving the taxpayer residents money when compared to alternative methods. Since inception, the City’s contractor has corrected 10.74 miles of sidewalk in five neighborhoods all while saving taxpayers over $88,000 when compared to other maintenance methods.

This method allows the City to keep the sidewalks in service and minimize inconvenience to pedestrians. No heavy equipment or traffic control is required for the process and all areas are left debris and hazard free.

Each year City Council provides staff with funds to maintain sidewalks in the City and it is our desire to provide the citizens with the best product at the best cost.

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Installation of the City’s two new Lower Floridan Aquifer (LFA) wells is underway. 

The City of Mascotte is located within the Central Florida Water Initiative (CFWI), a five-County planning region where the St Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) have collectively determined that increasing use of the Upper Floridan Aquifer (UFA) for water supply is unsustainable. Recognizing the water resource concern, the City’s consumptive use permit (CUP) requires withdrawals above 0.7 MGD to come from the Lower Florida Aquifers (LFA). Funding of the two new LFA wells comes from a $3.8 million grant obtained from SJRWMD and FDEP.

Street Resurfacing Projects

The City is responsible for the maintenance of over 35 miles of roadway.  Since 2015 the City has resurfaced over 4 miles of roadway. 

Replacement of the SR 50 water main 

The water main along State Road 50 was replaced during a two-phase project in 2018 and 2019. The new C-900 PVC main replaced the antiquated class pipe PVC main which had outlived its life expectancy and was experiencing multiple failures. Pipe sizing of the 13,000 LF± main ranges in sizes from eight-inch to twelve-inch. Funding of the two-phase project came from two $500,000 grants obtained from SJRWMD.

Replace SR50 WM (2)

Sidewalk Maintenance Before-After

LFA Drilling Rig

Street Resurfacing Projects

Replace SR50 WM (1)