Animal Control

Lake County Animal Control

Lake County Animal Control (under Lake County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction) only handles nuisance animals (dog bite, etc.) and animal abuse/cruelty cases. Residents are to call the Lake County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number to report such cases. Please contact Lake County Animal Control at 352-343-2101.

Lake County Shelter

The Lake County Shelter (under Lake County Board of County Commissioners jurisdiction) is a no kill shelter but does not accept trapped animals. If a resident wishes to remove animals such as feral cats they need to contact the shelter and enroll in their Trap, Neuter, Release Program. Please contact the shelter at 352-343-9688

Animal Traps Notice

Due to the new changes and procedures surrounding them City of Mascotte will no longer offer animal traps to residents, effective immediately. All calls are to be directed to the appropriate number/jurisdiction above.